Welcome to Your First Patient!

Your First Patient is the online hub for clinical education powered by students. Connect instantly with other medical students via webcam to perfect your patient history-taking skills, learn to diagnose patients, and prepare for USMLE Step 2 CS, NAC, PLAB and more—all for free! Read more below to get started—good luck and have fun!

Getting started

  1. Create a free account—all we need is your email address.
  2. Scroll through the cases.
  3. Register as doctor for cases that you want to practice.
  4. Register as patient for a case or two—you’ll learn a lot by playing the patient, too. So help your peers and help yourself: play the patient!
  5. When other users come online or request a consultation, you’ll be notified.
  6. Is anyone else online now? Check out cases of online users and do a case now!

Make sure you give permission to use your camera, microphone, and to show desktop notifications when prompted!

How to do a consultation

  1. Say “Hi!” to your consultation partner.
  2. Give the Patient a moment to look over the script.
  3. “I’m ready to begin whenever you are.”
  5. Take the history.
  6. Talk through the physical exam—the Patient will tell the Doctor the findings (they’re in the script).
  7. Closure!
  8. “Thanks!! How did I do? Do you want to do another case?”
  9. Click End Consultation—your notes will be automatically emailed to you.
  10. If you want to see your video, just contact us.

Having a problem?

If you’re experiencing issues using the site, please see our troubleshooting page for solutions or contact us for one-on-one support!

For the best experience, make sure you’re using the latest version of Google Chrome on a desktop computer. My First Patient is not optimized for other browsers and certain ones, such as Safari, don’t support real-time video conferencing.

About Your First Patient

21st century education

Your First Patient brings together students from all over the world to practice taking a patient history by webcam. 85% of diagnosis is patient history—YFP is here to help you take a better history.

“Listen to your patient, he is telling you the diagnosis.”

William Osler, the father of modern medicine

Physical exams?

Of course, we can’t do physical exams online. But the Doctor simply tells the patient which maneuvers they would like to perform and the Patient can read the relevant findings from the script!!

Free for everyone!

And it is all powered by you. YFP is free because students work together. We don’t pay actors to play the Patients… you play the Patients. When you begin a consultation, take a moment to read the script that appears next to your video window. When you are ready, just tell your “Doctor” and “KNOCK KNOCK”! The consultation has begun.

Be part of the team!

This is our brand new project, built by students for students. If you have any feedback or ideas, we really want to hear it.

Get ready!

In the meantime, make sure your webcam, mike, and headphone are working! And get ready to have some fun practising your clinical skills!